15 Jul 2008

Etruscan Dictionary Draft 10 - Postponed to tomorrow due to technical difficulties

This is very maddening but for some reason, the Open Office application that I've installed on my laptop and which has otherwise been a godsend for me and enabled me to convert docs to pdfs with the press of a button doesn't want to cooperate with me this evening. It gags on the size of the file and I can't assemble the document or convert it to a pdf like I had planned today. Since I'm out right now, going all the way home to make this document on my PC is out of the question. So I'm very sorry to all who were probably having cold sweats at the anticipation of my latest updates (hehehe :P) but I at least know that my PC has enough juice to handle the document. I'll be getting that ready tonight so that I can post this pronto tomorrow without any more glitches.

UGH!!! DAMN COMPUTERS!! They're the bane of us all.


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