13 Feb 2011

Lost Persian army finally recovered from the sand

A Persian army vanished in 525 BCE. Where did they go? Was Herodotus' explanation accurate? Discovery News sheds light on this event in the following video:



  1. It's certainly possible. But Zahi Hawass seems sceptical: http://www.drhawass.com/blog/press-release-alleged-finds-western-desert?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+Drhawasscom-New+%28DrHawass.com+-+What

  2. Ah, brilliant, Seadog! I've looked into this more and you've helped me to see there's more than meets the eye here.

    To add to your link to Zahi Hawass' online statement of disapproval, readers might be interested in Archeopop's weigh-in on the subject where we learn of the Castiglioni brothers' involvement in shockumentary films. It all makes Discovery News look like irresponsible, sensationalist hacks that thrive on feeding their views nonsense.

    There might be yet other interesting behind-the-scenes connections here that would warrant a second blog entry. Thanks so much, Seadog. Very interesting.

  3. Egad... just found something else to add salt to the wound.

    The same blog I linked to above, Archeopop, has just published an entry about young archaeologists against Hawass who demand him to step down as Minister of Heritage, a position just granted him this past month under President Mubarak.

    Sigh... I think I'm getting a headache now.

  4. Thanks - glad to help!

    What would be very telling is if dating was done on the desiccated bones in the pit - dating done by a source OTHER than Hawass' staff or the Castiglionis.

    The impression I have about Hawass, based on articles over the past few years about new Egyptian discoveries and the "Bosnian Pyramids", is that he's highly suspicious of archaelological finds similar to Ancient Egypt structures, but far less so with Egyptian discoveries. Then again, the fact that Osmanagic, the "discoverer" of the "Bosnian Pyriamids",, put forth a false claim that Hawass had supported him, well, that kinda complicates that example.