26 Feb 2011

Etruscan temple uploaded to Google 3d Warehouse

Just to let everyone know, upon request from one commenter, I've uploaded my Etruscan temple model to Google's 3d Warehouse website to share with others online.

Click here to check it out!

As you can see by the search listing for the query "etruscan temple", I've quickly cornered the market on Etruscan 3D paraphernalia.

I have yet to add roof ornaments like statuettes which were typical of Roman and Etruscan temples and the reason for this is that while Sketchup is very intuitive and easy to use for architectural models, it's a little harder to create curvier objects. This means that I have to resort to another application like Blender to make them which must then be imported to Sketchup. Before I can do this however, I have to learn a lot more about Blender's interface which, when compared to Sketchup, is a LIVING NIGHTMARE!!! Despite that, one can accomplish some pretty impressive things with Blender so I struggle on in my sparetime learning the application bit by bit so that one day, maybe, I'll finally accomplish those roof ornaments on my temple. Hilarious stuff.

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