21 Oct 2007

Proto-Uralic flora

And now a tasty nibble from a completely different dish. I found another snippet from Google Book Search, this time from The Uralic Language Family: Facts, Myths and Statistics (2002) by Marcantonio, p.181 which reconstructs the following trees and explains the reasons why this proves that Proto-Uralic was spoken at an early prehistoric date in the environs of the Ural mountains. Words reconstructed in the book are *kuse ~ *kose 'spruce, fir', *soksɜ 'Siberian pine', *ńulkɜ 'white fir, Siberian fir, silver fir' and *näŋɜ 'Siberian larch'. (Note that Juha Janhunen would reconstruct these a little differently based on his intriguing comparisons with Samoyedic and quite frankly I prefer his system. Click here for page 95 of the same book.)


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