4 Oct 2007

The Latin Verb Conjugator

There are some things on the internet that just make you wonder. For me, that "something" was recently a contribution by a person calling himself "John T. Wodder II". Last year, he offered cyberspace his programmatical invention which he calls a "Latin Verb Conjugator", written in Perl (a computer language used for programming, particularly for online purposes). As he describes it, "[...] this script will create a synopsis of a Latin verb in a specified person & number and will output the results as a LaTeX document." Wow, and I thought I was a propellerhead. Lol!

While most of you won't know what the hell to do with it, I mention it here because it makes me think, "Gee, the human brain, complex is. And so insufficient to explain it, the computer is." (My inner voice sometimes sounds a lot like Yoda.) Of course, I'm sure that the program can be compressed into something more versatile for other languages, but maybe Wodder doesn't yet appreciate the broad application of structural linguistics. Still, I dare anyone to actually think as concretely about Latin conjugation and take hours out of their day to make a functional program of their own. I admit I'm just too lazy.

1 comment:

  1. I have created a Latin conjugation program. It does everything and translates the verb forms. There's also one for nouns.