18 Oct 2007

My draft Etruscan glossary now downloadable on esnips as well

Dear viewers,

I got a message from an anonymous person having problems with the downloading process on Lulu. I have to admit that Lulu has screwed up the "free download" process because it forces people to press the "update cart" button first and then sign up. These are two extra hurdles that are unnecessary. Most normal people would not mentally associate getting a free download with an "update cart" button, let alone have a desire to sign up for something for just one thing.

So I found an alternative for these drafts. You can now alternatively download the pdfs from:

My eSnips folder

I hope this is a much more straight-forward process for people and all I can do is shake my head at Lulu for bad website design and, by their ill-planning, an inevitable loss in traffic. Sometimes I just scratch my head at some webdesigners. Sorry about that, folks.

And I just had the flu. Gee, that was fun. So today I feel better and I have to get cracking on my overdue rant about the Liber Linteus.


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