20 Apr 2010

I heart guts

Here's a psychotic link for laughs directed towards a website called I Heart Guts that specializes in bodily organs for the next generation of serial killers. It artfully bastardizes history for cheap marketing. No more of that complicated text stuff that makes our noodles hurt 'n stuff. Bleh! Everything can be understood with distracting street slang! YAY! Here's an excerpt.
"Before humans understood the circulation system, the liver was thought to be the body’s most important organ, being as it is the biggest, heaviest and baddest of them all."
Yes, that liver is a bad cat. Boy, we can all dig that random jive, can't we? And what's that creepy orange blob behind the Piacenza Liver photo? I guess it's supposed to be another liver but I've never seen an orange one before, let alone a smiley one. It's the worst photoshopping I've seen so far, yet it's too tragically deranged to keep my eyes away from. It almost makes me want to check into a hospital and get myself a helping of heroine.

The pièce de resistance: Part of their revenue stream relies predictably on "organ clothing". And before you ask the obvious, yes, they even have 'ovary & testis' panties.


  1. Yuck. Another one of them "we're soooo far advanced over our stuuupid* ancestors"-sites.

    I think they didn't do that stuff for nothing, but hey...

    Well, these people have to make a buck too I guess.

    *Said in Dexter, from "Dexter's Lab" accent.

  2. "Say brain in Japanese."
    That reminds me of a pun from a Dragonball Z movie I watched years ago. This character, Doctor Wheelo, has his assistant kidnap one of the female characters, Bulma. When she finally sees this "Doctor", she realizes that he's basically a gigantic brain immersed in nutrient-rich water, with various electronic attachments that allow him to speak. So what does she say?
    "Oh nooo."
    The assistant mocks her "feeble" pun. I myself think it wasn't THAT bad...

    (By the way, Bayndor finally updated the Minoan Language blog! You might find the grammatical stuff he suggests of interest...)