16 Jul 2009

What the deuce? I'm nominated? I feel love!

I've been notified that my blog has been mentioned on Lexiophiles, a site devoted to the passion of linguistics, where I've been nominated for Top 100 Language Blogs 2009 in the category of Language Professionals. Neato. It's nice to be considered professional. Flattery will get you everywhere. Fine, I'll bite into the reciprocal advertising ploy. Why not? Lol. And the competition looks mighty fierce too. There are a lot of great blogs listed there that I've never been aware of before. Interesting.

So click the icon below to vote for your favourite blogs and make your opinion count:

(Alas, it's times like these that I wish I'd given my blog a name starting with "A" instead of "P", hehe.)


  1. Wow! That's great news! Congratulations.
    Your blog being the linguistics blog that I visit the most by far, you definitely deserve a place up there.

  2. I voted for you over my other favorite, Language Log. I really like the level of basic research you're doing, even if I don't agree with all your conclusions.