8 Oct 2010

I want my Pre-Greek back!

I do fear that Beekes' Greek etymological dictionary is no longer accessible online. Every link cached by Google offers an ugly server response now: "Sorry, the server may be busy: please try your request later!" Yet regrettably for me, "later" never comes and "sorry" is inadequate to describe the unnatural loss I feel for yet one more valuable linguistic resource gone asunder.

Alas, to think, I was beginning to believe in academic altruism again. Perhaps this is just a horrible dream and I'll wake up soon.


  1. Cheer up - at least there's still this: http://www.ieed.nl/ied/pdf/pre-greek.pdf

    Plus, although it's only a small solace, there are still cached pages from Google.

  2. To be fair, the online IEED was functionally accessible only at the best of times.

  3. A further consolation prize: A free, HTML encoded (searchable!) E-Text of the Pre-Greek .pdf

  4. Ooo. I was not familiar with this dictionary. Want!