27 Jun 2008

A self-indulgent trip down memory lane

Rasmussen's O-Fix theory has been on my mind lately as I finally am ironing out a pdf detailing the changes that I think have occurred in Pre-IE. I'll offer that pdf shortly and will be making updates on it in the future. In the meanwhile, I finally found an old post of mine, back in my more impetuous days, where I first offered my reinterpretation of Rasmussen's theory in order to make the sound changes feel more natural to me by invoking more commonplace linguistic processes and incorporating Allan Bomhard's plausible thoughts on Pre-IE. Enjoy:
Cybalist (Yahoogroups), "a-Epenthesis: hybrid proposal" (Feb 14 2004)
Please be warned that while the basic idea remains, a few details of my proposal have changed over the years as I adapted to new facts.

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  1. Great idea to write down all your thoughts in a PDF, can't wait to see the results!