26 Apr 2007


So you want to learn some Mayan, eh? This site has hours and hours and hours of fun for those that can't stop marvelling at the intricate beauty of this ancient language and writing system:



  1. Hi Glen:
    Looking at this website I noted that your Mayan date is one day behind: 7 instead of 8. Is there any reason for that?
    If I understand correctly, we should be wary about fixing appointments on, correct?

  2. Yes, I do believe you're right. (I go by the correlation constant of 584283.) I'm going to have to look at my program and check out where my formula crapped out because it was fine a few months ago. Ah the joys of mathematics.

    And yes, December 21 2010 (or some will say December 23 with the 584285 constant) is doomsday according to crackpots because it's the end of the 13th bak'tun (400-year period) since the Creation of this present world. (Mayans believed the world was recreated multiple times.) So try to take it easy that day and prepare for the worst. LOL!

    But back to sanity, since a piktun was a period of 20 bak'tuns, the calendar was obviously meant to continue on despite modern hysteria.

  3. I do believe the Mayan calendar is fixed now. As usual, it was a very tiny goof on one of the lines of code that effectively pushed the date back a day, that's all.