16 Jan 2008

Triggerhappy blogging goes awry on Paleoglot

A brief comment about how annoying this Blogger system is. I just discovered that with an innocent tap of the ENTER key, I can involuntarily publish an incomplete draft that I haven't begun to flesh out yet!!! An article concerning the science and debate about the Lake Euxine event, which I planned on sending out in the future once I had my marbles together on that issue went straight to my Google Reader (a.k.a. "it was published"). So I assume it'll show up in other people's Readers too. {Glen feels a blush of shame and hides his face behind his hand. And then he chuckles maniacally and goes, "Hey, that's life, ain't it?"} Why oh why hasn't Blogger added a warning button asking you "Are you sure you want to publish?" to prevent my brainless trigger-finger from doing random acts of blogging like this? <:)

Sigh, no matter, I'll flesh that article out for you in the coming week and then publish for real this time. In the meanwhile, I have other things to get ready to publish. Sorry for the mix-up, folks.


  1. I agree on having the "are you REALLY sure?" button.

    I know of one journalist/politician who broke an embargo (normal in that industry) by posting a story too early by encountering the same problem and got people upset....

    More on that here and the consequences

  2. Egad. This is a serious interface problem that Blogger (if they were paying attention at all) would have fixed a while ago because the "Publish" and "Save" buttons are right side-by-side.

    A perfect web solution I think would be for them to ONLY have a "save" button (without publishing at all) on the editing page. Then when we're done editing, we could go to another "officially publish" page where we will find the evil button that says "Publish??? Are you sure???"

    It's such an easy problem to fix. Because otherwise, it may as well be a nuke button next to the save button. Irritating, mildly embarrassing, but I think I'll live ;) It's just fun to bitch.