15 Jan 2008

Etruscan Dictionary Draft 006 now available

Time for Paleoglot's Etruscan Dictionary Draft number 006. There are currently 1025 entries in my database and I can't see an end in sight. Oh sweet Joseph, this data-mining project of mine may very well outlive me. At any rate, just follow the eSnips icon below to download the updates in pdf format. The second icon is the accompanying "Ammendments" pdf that explains what I changed this time round and why:
Etruscan Dictionary
Draft 006
Hosted by eSnips
Ammendments for Draft 006
Hosted by eSnips
Enjoy and if you have any questions or corrections, tell me about it. If you have any cash donations of $1000 and up, I'd appreciate that too, hahaha.


  1. Actually they do if this dollar conversion application and this one are up-to-date: $1000 HK equals about $130 CDN (86 EUR) so far, or at least until the Canadian economy is dragged under by the impending US dollar crisis and China takes over imposing martial law. So in the meantime, hehe, thanks for the generous donation! :P

  2. Eeps, I'd better rescind that then ;)

  3. Why is there no monetary love in this world? :) Oh well. I guess you'll have to save your money for a worthy charity. Drats, hehe :)