1 Jan 2001

Commentbox policies

Discussion that is honest, attentive and based on open facts & references is welcome. However all comments are moderated at my discretion so be warned that your comment may be deleted if any of the following themes apply:
  • Typing problems
    My readers have better things to do then squint through poorly crafted messages. This subject inevitably demands a certain level of education.
  • Questioning reality
    Logic is an axiom and undebatable. Those too intellectually and psychologically ill to correct their fallacies have no home here.
  • Emotion & dishonesty
    Appeals to emotional rhetoric to thwart reason such as personal slander, lies, ad populums, strawman arguments, politics, credentialism, empty appeals to authority, excessive flattery, and appeals to faith are rejected.
  • Irrelevancy
    Randomly jotted thoughts, questions without sensible motivation and "dead horses" are dismissed. Unoriginal comments merely reiterating points made above them may also be pruned.
  • Anonymity
    Comments from those with empty Blogger profiles (ie. disposable profiles) are subject to deletion. The average person doesn't need to hide behind fake identities to discuss mundane academic subjects. So please make a distinct and sufficient profile description of yourself to share with the public. Be open, be honest.

Sinat (Ancient Egyptian Boardgame)