23 Nov 2007

World Historical Maps Online

Thomas Lessman is my latest hero. Using Adobe Photoshop and after hours and hours and hours of pouring through several historical references, this man is single-handedly piecing together the world, one century at a time. Amazing! And about time, too. Click for yourself:

I think this is an inspiration to us all to band together and share what we know.


  1. Hey, thank you for your comments, Glen. I love history and couldn't ever find maps covering this much area in this much detail, so I realized I'd have to make them myself...

    I appreciate any constructive feedback on the maps, and some of the Wikipedia users have been very helpful in corrections. Of course, some people seem to hate the maps, but most feedback has been helpful.

    If you ever see any errors on the maps, please send me an email that details the error, shows your source info, and how I can fix it. The best way to show me how to fix a map is to copy the existing map, then draw corrected borders or location of tribes in red. Then I can make corrections and upload the corrected versions.

    Thank you again, Glen!

    Thomas Lessman
    . www.ThomasLessman.com
    Blog: www.talessman.blogspot.com
    Email: talessman@yis.us

  2. Ignore the haters. I can't believe anyone is hostile towards maps! Weird :P I think it's a brilliant idea and is definitely useful in giving people a general overview at a glance of the world at a given time.

    I support pro-active people who stick their necks out to do something for society because I know how hard it is to stay positive in a sea of internet trolls.

    I'll see if I can spot any errors. It'll be like a fun easter egg hunt. Keep doing what you're doing. It's appreciated and we should be thanking you.