22 Nov 2007

Sovana, the town of Historical Fluff, apparently

I just had to blog about this one. As I was scouring through the internet, trying to find any leads or references I could get my grubby, little, obsessive hands on to crack open this annoying Sovanian mystery lately, I found this horrible monstrosity of what I'd like to call a "misinfosite".

Click here for a laugh at the page "Sovana, the town of Tuff" of the website called I Borghi più belli d'Italia (The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy). Don't ask me where they got this urban legend from but they confidently proclaim that the city name Sovana (from Latin Suana) derives from an Etruscan word suf meaning "green earth". Um... no. There is no such word.

Perhaps they are too greedy for tourism dollars to care about getting the facts of their own history right, and that would be a pity because history doesn't need to be doctored up to be beautiful.


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