1 Jan 2007


Handy progs
Online Etruscan-English dictionary
Frustrated by many historians employing ad-hoc methods of translation by appeal to Latin look-alikes without in-depth analysis, I decided to create this online Flash-based applet that translates an Etruscan word or phrase into English. I continually update it based on new information. Enjoy.

Ancient games online

This is an ancient Egyptian two-player boardgame using a 3x10-square board and four casting sticks for dice which I programmed myself in Adobe Flash. (Valuable input from readers like you helped a lot!)

Royal Game of Ur
A two-player Babylonian game played on a 20-square board arranged in an unusual form - shaped like an abstract guitar, one might say.

July 7/09 - Currently I've programmed into it only basic functionality. However, this allows one to move pieces and roll the special "binary dice" according to whatever proposed rules of the game one likes. Enjoy. I'll improve on it again soon as I have time.