23 Dec 2012

Happy 13th baktun

December 23 2012 is the start of the 13th baktun according to the Mayan Calendar (using 584285 as the correlation constant). Some may have gone by the other popular correlation constant of 584283 making it December 21 2012. Either way, everything went by without a hitch. Peachy! Congratulations to all who have survived this precious moment. Lol. If we assume that an age lasts 13 baktuns (13 x 400 years = 5200 years), we might consider this now the Sixth Age.

Then again, the Mayans had also recorded extremely ancient dates into the far past like the alautun which equaled approximately 63 million years. So perhaps we lack some important facts about their conceptions of time and cosmos.

We shall now await the Unix apocalypse as the cycle of silly pop fears rolls onward. The Mayan calendar date for tomorrow, the 2nd day of the 13th baktun, will be 5 Imix 4 Kankin G1.


  1. Glad to see you're still around! I was starting to get worried after almost 4 months without a new entry and 2 months without commenting.
    It'd be quite a blow to see this site come to an end like that. I've rather missed reading of new insights into ancient languages - 'cause let's face it, there are only a handful of sites dedicated to the topic!

  2. It's good to have a break now and then. Thanks.