27 Jul 2011

Is problem solving dependent on money?

Sometimes I google for much more than informative websites or blogs. There are a wealth of interesting journal articles available too, sprinkled all over cyberspace like tasty candy for the mind. But beware of greedy corporations and old-school institutions who try their best to interfere with the inevitable future of the internet: free information exchange.

For example, there was this interesting article called Is problem solving dependent on language? that I wanted to get my dirty hands on. If you follow the link, you can see that ScienceDirect.com basically says "Cough up my $31.50 if you wanna see the article alive!" So I was like, "Omg, how rude. No thanks, creep." Realistically, the average person just doesn't have 30 bucks to throw away for every article that they need to read. If there was ever a time when that was true, it's certainly not now.

So being a rebel to the core, I went back to google and searched directly with the query: "Is problem solving dependent on language?". My defiance paid off and I recovered the abstract plus article which is accessable in pdf format here for the low low price of *ZERO* dollars. I celebrated afterwards for my victory against the machine with a soothing cup of tea. (Yeah, I'm a geek. What's it to ya? Lol.)

Now what have we learned for today, class?


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