14 Apr 2010

More work on the Etruscan temple

Phew. Building temples, even cyberspace ones, is a lot of work but as monumental a task as it seems, I'm still up for this visual-spatial challenge I started out a few days ago and I can't keep my eyes off the screen, enamoured by my virtual omnipotence. Why, I could build anything! The creative possibilities boggle the mind. What details can I add? What should I focus on now? Even if I fail miserably, the delete button is always just a click away. Then again, failure is truly owned by those that never try. Let's see what we got now.

Not perfect but we're getting there. And here below is a side view. I was attempting to imitate the terracotta elements along the roof edge that I see in the image I'm going by. If only I had a bigger image though of the intricate details and maybe I could be more accurate.

Still, not bad for an honest day's work, I must say. But even God rested from time to time so I believe it's time for a much-needed sandwich break.


  1. is it possiblt to share your model in 3d warehouse?

  2. Indeed it is! Sorry, I ended up being side-tracked by other ideas and projects. I've uploaded it to 3d Warehouse and it should be publicly searchable now. Enjoy!

    Note that I still need to add touches to the model such as roof statuettes and ornaments typical of that period. For now, just imagine they're there as I wrestle with the complexities of Blender for making these curvier elements.