15 May 2008

Ignore that last post

There's nothing more irritating than Blogger's pointless lack of safety precautions for the Publish button. Yet again (it's almost inevitable) I accidentally pressed this cursed Publish button and without even a warning window saying "Are you sure???" as a competent web interface would provide, it just automatically publishes your post IMMEDIATELY and it shows up less than a minute later in Google Reader for everyone to see.

Some of you may be confused by my republishing of Draft 8, but I assure you I will be publishing Draft 9 shortly if Blogger's system allows me.

The fact that Blogger still hasn't fixed this obvious flaw is really starting to make me fuming mad. This to me is a glitch important enough to make me want to switch to another blog authoring system like Wordpress. I'm really tired of having to correct these major errors caused by a simple misplaced click of the mouse.

Blogger!!! Get up off your ass and finally correct your mediochre system!!!


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