15 Feb 2008

A fireside chat with Glen

Concerning the Etruscan Dictionary Project

I'm feeling particularly de-energized today. Today is the due date for the next update for my Etruscan Dictionary. However, I haven't changed much this month and couldn't find a lot of time these passed few weeks. January and February are the death of winter in Winnipeg. Today the temperature is a sunny -4 degrees (Fahrenheit, that is). However, in metric-loving Canada, we state the temperature in Celsius which makes it even more depressing. So I suppose this is why my first instinct is to hibernate until April when the glaciers in my yard finally melt. At any rate, while I'm praying with tears in my eyes for the geese to return, I'm also hacking out a new program to "ram in" some data I've been wanting to enter into the database. The program would make my data entry a heckuvalot faster if I can get it to work the way I want. Thus far it's coming along fabuliciously so the next draft changes will be a bit meatier than they've been so far this month but I've decided to postpone the dictionary draft due date another ten days to give me sufficient time to hack out this latest programmatical miracle: February 25th. Bear with me.

Four Stone Hearth: 34th Edition

In the meanwhile, Four Stone Hearth has snuck up on me once again. They have the 34th edition ready for eager eyes, so check out their yummy articles designed for the intellectual gourmet: Click here. This time, it's hosted by the blog Cultural World.


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