1 Sept 2007

World TV sushi smörgåsbord insanity (or How to Dream in 500 Languages)

I added a list of fun channels from around the world that I like to visit regularly (on the left-hand side, scroll down). No seriously, I do watch them! Even if you can't understand the language, think of it as a virtual vacation to another land to keep you drudging through work while you save up for a real vacation to one of these countries.

Personally I like to watch French channels to keep up my fluency. It's also fun to watch what some town in Normandy is doing. CCTV is fun too and a polished, professional-looking channel in the Mandarin language. I use it to improve my Mandarin listening skills and it has everything from TV variety shows to movies and soaps. I also recommend the Sci-Fi Free channel from the United States. They themselves are a surprising source of multiculturalism and history, since many of the movies are dated between the 40s and 80s with a mix of comically horrible b-movies from pretty much anywhere. I just watched a horrible Korean Godzilla-knockoff film from the 60s. Dreadful! Get out the popcorn. It's fab.

And then, of course, since I'm sitting here in Winnipeg, some of you might be insane enough to care what my city is doing here in Canada, just as I'm insane enough to care about what you people out there are doing, so I added one of my local radio stations from the CBC.

Have fun and if you have requests for stations you've found from somewhere in the world, let us all know! Skål!


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