26 Jul 2007

Sherdnerd hosts Four Stone Hearth and spreads scholarly love my way

I forgot to take my happy pills this week. Just when you think you're unloved, the world is getting dumber and we're all going to die in an ominous mushroom cloud of atomic radiation, badabing! Hugs and kisses come out of nowhere and smack you upside the head to brighten your day. Go figure.

I was scoping the internet today and visited the Four Stone Hearth website again. This link was an interesting tip-off provided by one of my visitors and so I've been lurking on it lately to see what it's all about. It calls itself a "blog carnival" and it chooses other bloggers to host each installment every two weeks. From what I gather, each bi-weekly host then submits content on their own blog as a holy offering to Four Stone Hearth. In this way, it provides readers with a steady, meaty collection of informative leads on topics relating to the social sciences and helps bloggers combine their readership together to make their input more visible. Wow! I have to say it's got me hooked. A fabulous idea. See, Wikipedia? That's a proper use of "Web 2.0". Bad Wikipedia, bad!

So moving on, it turns out that a Egyptology blog called Sherdnerd recently hosted the 19th installment of Four Stone Hearth. And looky, looky...

To my shock I'm mentioned there in company with Abnormal Interests, a very intelligent blog that I uncovered some time ago through the article By the Numbers concerning Egyptian numerals written in cuneiform script during the Middle Kingdom.

Well, geez Louise. The pressure's on. I better get snappy and pull up my sport socks then. No more boozing for ol' Glenny on the weekends. Time to crack open more of those library books and blog, blog, blog!


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