7 Jun 2007

And now you may kiss the bride

If you were a Roman, you just wouldn't be caught dead marrying in May. Or perhaps, rather sadly, you would be caught dead marrying in May. This all might make more sense if you read The May Tabu On Roman Marriage and A Parallel. Just like today, ancient people had silly little taboos and superstitions whose origins are often obscured. If you think we're above it all and have evolved in the 21st century, remember that times never really change. Why do we play the same nauseating carols over and over again during Christmas? Tradition. Why do we "drop the ball" in Times Square on New Year's Eve? Tradition. There's really no sense to it. We just do it because we saw other people doing it. Monkey see, monkey do. Nothing has changed for 2 million years of evolution.

Anyways, forget the monkeys. Back to the Romans. More info can be glimpsed from Smith's Dictionary concerning the May festival of Lemuralia and its connection to the taboo. You know the ol' saying afterall: Mense Maio malae nubent.

So I sincerely hope none of you got married last month. Oh dear, you have? Ouch. Hate to be you, hehe.


  1. Thanks. The other half had decided on May nuptuals for a couple of years time. I'll warn her. She's still turned into Bridezilla though. Like I've ever cared about ribbons?

  2. Apparently Romans didn't just worry about May but also a bunch of special days of each month and certain holidays where marriage was considered inappropriate. You aren't out of the danger just yet. It's amazing that Romans ever got married at all, actually. Ah, but when Cupid's arrow doth pierce...

    Many best wishes to you and Lady Bridezilla.